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Lee Wei Yin
Associate Director

Busy investors?  just call me (Wei Yin) @ 98756091 for free consultation. 

Or .....reading on......

You want to focus on making essential housing decisions that really matters, eg quality pricing, location and size, suitable tenant profile etc.... leaving the tedious process to the capable and trustworthy agent. 

Trained in engineering and working in teams, I had 8 yrs experience in designing and developing real time defense air traffic control software and SUCCESSFULLY

1) prepared proposals and negotiated million dollars software development contract

2) set up ISO9001 quality system and record keeping for the software company

These, plus 15yrs full time raising 3 kids, volunteering and networking among families and communities, are now allowing me as housing agent since 2013, to 

1) effectively engage and respect people from all walks of life

2) efficiently use technology to sift through vast info and complex housing policies, suitably picking the relevant ones for you

3) have the energy and discipline to successfully search the right properties/tenants/buyers for investors like you

4) effectively negotiate and deal with housing contract matters for you

5) better applying quality system concept when assisting you to meet housing policies and good record keeping/practice

Do call me (Wei Yin) now for consultation @ 98756091